Frequently Asked Questions

How do I treat my wood clock to protect it after purchase?

You are right to be concerned. The best way to protect your clock, believe it or not, is to keep the humidity of your home between 25 to 35%. The point here is to consider that the wood in your new clock contains moisture and the moisture moves in and out of the wood.

Your hardwood furniture is crafted from wood that is carefully dried, retaining just enough moisture for the furniture to acclimate to the relative humidity of your home properly. The wood in your clock continues to exchange moisture with the air, shrinking and expanding in response to the relative humidity in your home.

So the short answer is to watch the relative humidity in your home. Buy a Hygrometer. It also helps to know when to wax or polish your hardwood finishes.

What about changes in temperature, does that affect my clock?

The answer here is, yes. As the temperature changes humidity also changes and this affects the wood. (See above). 

How long will it take to receive my clock once it is purchased?

Shipping usually occurs within 3 to 5 days during the holiday season or heavy shopping times. Otherwise, you can expect two to three days. 

What do I do if the clock I receive is broken?

Call us immediately and refer to the policy and warranty pages. 

Are these real wood clocks?

Most of our products are made of fine selected hardwoods like oak and maple. Check the specifications section of the product to determine what material is involved for each product.